Trials to Triumphs: Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Here is an invitation to explore the life of Joseph, one of the most exemplary and influential persons in history. You will discover many familiar struggles we encounter in life – family dysfunction, rejection, delay, and how utterly unfair life can be. Toyin Okutinyang does a great job of helping those facing any of these issues, recognize themselves, and realize that they can with the Word of God, make healthy changes in their own lives.

Back To The Basics: Simple Secrets For Living In Victory

BACK TO THE BASICS is a fresh and timely reminder to the church that foundational principles cannot be removed, neither do they become obsolete but must be fortified for fruitful Christian living. The basic principles are the same for all and God is no respecter of persons. Toyin delivers a message of hope, that the believer can start over and with the help of the Holy Spirit build on a strong foundation.